Imperial Vienna, Palaces and Grandeur

Take a tour through Vienna’s imperial past and let yourself get stunned by the elegance, beauty and grandeur this city has to offer.
Up until 1918 when the first Austrian Republic was proclaimed, Vienna was for centuries one of the most important imperial cities within Europe.
The Holy Roman Emperors of German Nation resided here over centuries, later it became the center of the Austrian Empire and last it was the vibrant capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
This city is very strongly connected with the Habsburg Family – the dynasty which ruled in the Austrian territories for about 650 years. In Vienna you not only find their Winter Residence (Hofburg) – and Summer Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) but also a variety of opulent palaces built for family members, high military commanders (the Belvedere) or the aristocratic families who wanted to lived just a stone’s throw away from the imperial family.

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