Personalized Itinerary

Organizing a trip consumes a lot of time. You spend hours and hours reading, researching on the web just to notice you have lost many valuable hours and ended up at exactly the information your basic travel book supplies you with.

Nobody knows a city better than the locals who live there.

Therefore we offer you to create a very personalized itinerary for you. We will send you a questionnaire with some crucial questions and according to your preferences and interests, we create a program tailored exclusively for you.

You will receive a detailed program of the suggested visits including adresses, how to reach everything and opening times. We will structure you the visits, always with some alternative options, considering the opening times.
So you can concentrate just on your trip, start it relaxed and leave everything up to your Travel Curator.

If you are interested in having your personalized itinerary created by us, please contact us here.