Hello, I am Katharina.

I am an Art Historian and licensed Tour Guide in Vienna, Austria. Together with a network of local specialists I create private tours and personalized itineraries for your visit to Vienna and its surroundings.

I was born in the early eighties in a family of three generations Viennese. I think being Viennese means having at least somewhere a Bohemian or Hungarian or Italian (great-) grandmother or -father. Vienna is a very multiculturally coined city, having up until not so long ago been the capital of this huge multiethnical empire under the rule of the Habsburg dynasty. And I think, this is where the strength of the city always lay. Thankfully today it is again in the heart of Europe, where so many cultural influences come together.

Having grown up in the tidy bourgeois viennese neighborhood of Hietzing, my curiosity drove me to study and work abroad. I worked for a year in London, visiting each and every art museum I could find and tracing a bit my family history (having a London born father). My arthistorical studies led me to Rome, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, where I lay the foundations to a solid arthistorical practice. In Amsterdam, I was giving tours through the Rijks- and Van Gogh Museum and worked closely connected with the contemporary art scene there.

Coming with my own family back to my hometown, I decided to bring together two things I deeply care about: people and artistic expression and provide good tours for the curious traveller.

I know Vienna inside out, the places to visit, the palaces to marvel at, the art collections not to be missed, the best restaurants and the finest bars, and also the contemporary edge to this city which makes it today one of the best places to live in. Between all this elegant architecture some of the most dramatic developments of mankind took place. Let me tell you about that as well.

I’ll be happy to show you around!




For information about tours and prices please contact me here.