Vienna, first glance

Vienna is a city which has many facets: once imperial center to a huge empire, it is filled with palaces and elegant architecture. Since the Romans have installed a Roman camp at the site of Vienna 1900 years ago, it has been a place where people from all over the world meet and live together. This is just one of the reasons why Vienna became an important city of modernism around 1900. Gone through a difficult 20th century the contemporary Vienna is aiming to bring back the diversity and creative potential that coined this city a hundred years ago.

VIENNA, FIRST GLANCE is an introduction to the city. The tour takes you through the center of Vienna, the area that used to be for the longest time the actual city of Vienna.
On an enchanting walk, you will see the main sights and monuments in the center and get the most important historic facts filled with hints what to do with your remaining time. It is the perfect start for your stay!

This tour can be adapted to your personal interests.

Some sights and topics that are normally covered on this tour:  Imperial Residence (Hofburg), Hotel Sacher, Ringstrasse (The Ring), Austrian National Library, The Spanish Horse Riding School, Kohlmarkt, Cafe Demel, Graben, Viennese Coffeehouses, Jewish Vienna, St. Stephan’s cathedral, a bit of Mozart, a bit of Beethoven, and the modern artists.

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